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Arrival Information

  • Pilotage is compulsory for all commercial vessels entering the port, the anchorage or when steaming in the Bay within Port Limits.
  • Vessels should give 2 hours notice prior to arrival on VHF Channel 12.
  • Vessels should call again when 5 miles from the Pilot Boarding Area.
  • A listening watch must be kept on VHF Channel 12 at all times.
  • Tugs for berthing and unberthing will be ordered by the pilot.
  • The Masters of Passenger Vessels however will be responsible for ordering tugs.
  • Vessels leaving a berth should give 30 minutes notice prior to departure.
  • Pilotage is not compulsory for vessels leaving the anchorage.

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Pilot Boarding Arrangements

  • The pilot will board the inbound vessel 1 mile Southwest of Europa Point.
  • In bad weather the vessel may be required to proceed West of Europa Point in order to safely embark the pilot.
  • Communication between the Pilot Boat and the vessel will be made on VHF Channel 12.
  • A pilot ladder should be rigged on the lee side or as instructed by the pilot not more than 1 metre above sea level.
  • If the freeboard of the vessel exceeds 9 metres a combination ladder is required.
  • When rigging a combination ladder the bottom of accommodation ladder should be sufficiently high to allow the pilot boat to lie alongside the pilot ladder.

Please view the boarding card prior to boarding to ensure that your vessel meets the required standards.

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The fee structure is regulated and monitored by the Government of Gibraltar and was last reviewed April 2023.

Download Fees (pdf)

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Fees Examples


A vessel with a gross tonnage of 20,000 going to the anchorage.

Pilotage Fee  £161 + Boarding and Landing Fee £125 = Total £286


A vessel with a gross tonnage of 2,000 berthing alongside.

Pilotage Fee £125 + Boarding and Landing Fee £61 + Running Lines £40 = Total £226


A vessel with a gross tonnage of 10,000 drydocking.

Pilotage Fee £161 + 100% (dry docking) = £322 + Boarding and Landing Fee £125 + Running Lines £40 = Total £487


If the pilot is delayed by the vessel an attendance fee may be charged. If the pilot attends a vessel and the move is cancelled, a cancellation fee may be charged.

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Boat Service

A boat service is available to deliver small packages on board arriving vessels. A charge is normally made for this service. See Fees

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1st April 2023

Update to Pilotage Fee

With effect from 1st April 2023 there has been an update to the pilotage fees.